Three Helpful Tips from the Experts of Wedding Nail Salons in Las Vegas NV

Expert Wedding Nail Tips for Very Bride

5Well, it is your wedding day and it is up to you to set rules or not on how you would like to look on that special moment of yours. From your hairstyle down to your finger tips, you must look at your most beautiful for your bridal portrait. If your wedding nails are what you are worrying about, here are some tips that experts from wedding nail salons in Las Vegas, NV can give you.

Tip number 1 – Dare to be different

It is your nails and one way to make them make a statement is by staying out of the traditional. No more nude colors that will look too simple for your wedding photography. Why not go for bright colored nail polish and nail art patterns that have a vintage touch to them. Do not be afraid to experiment! Be it adding some extra sparkle or just going for perfect French.

Tip number 2 – Keep your nails healthy

This means that you have to take care of your nails and hands while the big day is getting closer. If you are in charge of doing the house work, better wear gloves. Make sure that your hands are well-moisturized as this will also keep your nails healthy. Drink plenty of water and make adjustment on your diet that can be good for your nails too.

Tip number 3 – Always be ready

A first on hand is surely a big help in case you get a chipped nail. Have a small bag where you can store the basics in nail care such as nail file, nail polish used for the big day, tissue, etc. To be sure, use a long lasting nail polish that can last for up to three weeks. Better get you nail care in a good wedding nail salons in Las Vegas, NV now!

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