Interviewing Columbus, OH Wedding DJs Before Signing the Contract

Assessing Wedding DJs’ Service

Hiring DJs are as tough as choosing wedding photographers. Many couples are not very familiar in terms of handling the hiring of wedding DJs in Columbus, OH. As you know, music is an important element of the whole wedding, from the chapel ceremony to the reception celebration. If there is no music in venue, it will appear blunt and incomplete. If there is the quality of the sound and music will be really terrible since you did not invest in a professional service,

Interviewing the DJs that you are going to work with is an important part of the planning stage. To get to know them one by one, it is essential to ask questions. Here are some of the best questions in order to gauge the wedding DJ:

Wedding DJIs DJ-ing a wedding ceremony and reception is your primary and full time work?

If your need for music and DJ service is heavy then it is important to know whether the DJ is full time or not. There are some hobbyist DJs who are also working in lounges, clubs, corporate events and etc. Hiring a hobbyist is good, but only if your wedding is small scale and informal. However, formal weddings need full time DJs who have enough knowledge on the flow of traditional weddings. Although full time DJs’ service cost is a bit higher than the part time ones, you can ensure that the quality is high.  Full time DJs are more experienced and well rounded as compared to the hobbyists.

Can you be able to customize the music experience in the wedding reception?

There are basically two types of DJs—the ones who can work on customized playlist and the ones who have fixed playlist. It is up to you if what service you really require. However, it is more flexible to work with the ones who are also flexible. It is like getting an a la carte service wherein you can add, revise and remove some parts you don’t really prefer. According to market insiders, a good DJ will always be able to cater your customization request. If not then consider other wedding DJ providers.

Do you have an idea how to get the crowd engaged?

This is the main challenge of most DJs. There are those who just appear in the reception and play the music. Once done, they just ask for the fee, pack up and go home. It is like a routine for them. However, it is always different if your DJ is personable enough who can make the crowd pumped up. If you want to know if your DJ is indeed engaging, the best way to do it is attend one of his or her gigs.

There are thousands of wedding DJs in Columbus, OH to choose from. However, only two or three will fit to your preference. Start the search early on so you can plan on how to integrate music in the whole wedding program.

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