Achieve a Natural Wedding Look with the Help of Columbus, OH Makeup Artists

Getting the Best Look from Wedding Makeup Artists

makeup6Have you ever wondered why some brides have bright and natural looking beautiful faces in their wedding photos? The main key in those stunning photos is the bride’s makeup look. No matter how exquisite the dress is and how expensive the accessories are for as long as the makeup is poorly done, the bride’s overall look will be drastically affected.

If you don’t want this to happen on your end, please make sure that you work with wedding makeup artists in Columbus, OH ahead of time. Deciding for a makeup look is not done in a single attempt. According to experts, there is always the need to try different makeup looks before finding the right one. As per advised, a makeup look that can enhance the bride’s facial features is the best and most appropriate makeup style.

Complement your skin tone. A natural looking bride looks perfect. Ideal for classy wedding portrait. In order to achieve this kind of look, you need to work with your skin tone. For brides who have fair skin, give emphasis on the light shades like peaches, pastels and even nudes. For brides who have olive colored or medium skin tone, you are free to choose any shade; in short, olive skin tone is quite flexible.

For women who have dark skin, the only way to do it is adding pop features like shade of very colors, punchy blush and red vibrant lipstick. Dark skinned brides are also encouraged to use gold and bronze undertones.

Based it on the style of the dress. The style of the dress should not be undermined when deciding for the style of the makeup. Ask yourself if you want to go soft, delicate or edgy. While it is true that you can add touch of traditional and class in your makeup, you can also go with modern sexy style.

Brides with playful and romantic dress styles should go with light colors like peaches and pinks. Adding neutral tones like nude and brown in your eyes will also help. Above all, you need to learn how to play with your natural features.  

The most photographed day of your life is most probably your wedding day. You can’t let this day past without getting the best look. In order to avoid mishaps with your makeup look, working with one of the best wedding makeup artists in Columbus, OH is highly recommended. Yes, you can do your own makeup but only if you are attending not so important event. This is your wedding so you should not commit mistakes especially with how the makeup is done.

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